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If your vehicle is 6 years or older then every 6 months, Warrant of Fitness or WOF is required for your vehicles and if your vehicle is a new vehicle then every 12 months, Warrant of Fitness or WOF is required for your vehicles. And hence we can offer and provide a complete WOF inspection of your vehicle service, which saves your time and money.

A WOF (Warrant of fitness) is a periodic safety inspection that is compulsory for all types of light vehicles, and these light vehicles are maybe a car, station wagon, van or 4WD vehicle. It can also be a Motorcycle or something similar.

At our Mt Eden Automotive Ltd, we also have fully qualified WOF inspectors and all these WOF inspectors are fully experienced in vehicle mechanics and service. We give regular updates with New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) on all WOF requirements. We can also assist with any repairs that your vehicle might require for its WOF. Our team will complete the repair quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today to get your vehicle booked in and looked after by our friendly, professional team. You will find Mt Eden Automotive Ltd’s services particularly convenient if you live or work around the Mt Eden Auckland area.

Did you know

It’s a good idea for you to combine your WOF and vehicle service simultaneously because WOF inspections do not cover all aspects of your vehicle.

For example

– engine, clutch, gearbox, and differential;

– lubricant levels and condition;

– brake pad thickness or life expectancy;

So feel free to contact with us and visit our Agency.