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Mt Eden Automotive Ltd, we are a full-service auto repair garge specializing in all the models of vehicles, both foreigner brands, and domestic brands. It doesn’t matter what type of mechanical repair you want, we do all mechanical repairs from our regularly scheduled maintenance.

Our mechanics are all highly experienced and certified, so don’t worry and just relax, your vehicle is in the hands of an expert or professional mechanics. We are here in Auckland and we are still the “local service station” that is focused on providing exceptional “one-on-one” personal care and service to our customers.

Shock absorbers

It is very important for you to identify the warning signs of failing shock absorbers and struts in your vehicle and all these warnings are serious warnings. After getting some shocked absorbers can result in your vehicle taking a large amount of time to stop when the brakes are applied. If the shocks are worn your car may not pass its next WOF.

Some Signs of Shock absorbers

Here we are providing you some of the common signs of Shock absorbers and all these signs are given below:-

1) Vibrations while driving

2) Vehicle “dives” when braking

3) Longer stopping distance

4) Inconsistent tyre wear

5) The car bottoming out

6) Plunging forward on stops

7) The feel of rocking and rolling when driving around corners

8) Premature tire tread wear

9) Fluid leakage

10) An overall bumpier ride

After providing our Shock absorbers services, you will get

1) Improve safety, allowing your vehicle to stop quickly after braking.

2) Increase the life of your tyres.

3) Prevent further damage to your suspension system.

4) Provide a smoother, less bumpy ride for you and your passengers. 

Suspension & Steering

If you turn the steering wheel of your car which seems simple, but you know a lot of problems happens between your steering wheel and your car’s tires. This complex system relies on a number of processes in order to function properly. Nowadays, all vehicles come with a power steering, but you know if this power steering fails and at that time it becomes a safety issue.

Signs of Suspension & Steering

Here we are providing you some of the common signs of Suspension & Steering and all these signs are given below:-

1) Pulling to the side

2) Troubles steering

3) Issues driving over uneven roadways or dips

4) Car continues to bounce after going over a bump

5) Tires wander or shake

6) Steering seems to be slipping etc.

Due to this Suspension & Steering services, we offer

1) Ball Joints

2) Bushings

3) Sway bar links

4) Center links

5) Idler arms/pitman arms

6) Rack and pinion units

7) Tie rod ends/sleeves

8) Cv joints/boots

9) Shock absorbers

10) Struts/cartridges

11) Coil springs

If you want these services just Contact us.