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Don't neglect your vehicle's electronic systems and just trust our experts to repair your vehicle properly the first time around! A poor driving experience results in a malfunctioning computer or driving controls. We take pride in our work and like to ensure your vehicle is in top driving condition.

Our electronic services include:

Electronic Diagnosis

Today, vehicles are more complex than ever as the different parts of a vehicle and if, one part or component doesn't work properly than it may misleads the other components in your vehicle.

This is one of the best reason why electronic and electrical diagnostic repairs in the vehicle must be carried out carefully.

At Mt Eden Automotive Ltd, our dedicated team of service professionals in the agency are continuously training and investing in the latest technology and equipment to address these specific types of issues.

Car Battery

You know Car’s battery is the source of electric current which is necessary to start the engine. The Car Battery provides power to your vehicle’s accessories and other electrical parts;

it allows them to operate when your vehicle’s engine is not running. 

they cannot run without a properly functioning battery and your battery is your vehicle’s voltage stabilizer for the entire electrical system.

So, if your battery dies before you replace it, you might be stranded without a vehicle and hence our expert team at Mt Eden Automotive Ltd Repair can examine, diagnose and replace your battery as needed. You can trust our service for your battery and, if necessary, help you find and install the perfect brand new battery for your vehicle.

What we offer

We inspect many components of your car’s electrical system and offers various other components including:

Turn signals




Power windows

Door locks

Its multiple computers

Start and stop system

Start and stop system is that function which helps to start and stop your Vehicle's Engine and hence manufacturers achieve fuel economy standards in conventional or hybrid-electric vehicles. But sometimes, Start and stop system in your vehicle doesn't work properly which results to damage your vehicle's engine. At Mt Eden Automotive Ltd, We offer to repair your start and stop system in your Vehicle.

So if you need any type of service then just contact us or visit our agency directly.