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Climate Control Service 

Don't worry about weather change or regardless of seasonal, Climate control is an automobile innovation that keeps the vehicle's comfortable all year long. It's very difficult to keep your vehicle at a reasonable temperature. But at Mt Eden Automotive Ltd, we want customers to have a pleasant and comfortable driving experience. We have a skilled team which rebuilds climate control computers to keep your vehicle cozy.

In our Mt Eden Automotive Ltd workshop, we support a variety of climate control units, including Audi, Holden, Landrover, Lexus, Toyota, Saab, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, Isuzu, Jeep, Jaguar, SsangYong, BMW, Nissan, Chrysler, Mini, Dodge, Subaru, Infinity, and Volvo. Call or Contact us for a complete list of vehicle's models that our Mt Eden Automotive Ltd services in Auckland.

Climate Control Service include

Heating & Air Conditioning Service

Are you searching for a Vehicle's AC repair in Auckland?

When your car’s heating or air conditioning is not working properly and surely it can ruin your ride. Don’t suffer from this and don't feel uncomfortable, simply give the heating and AC repair experts at Mt Eden Automotive Ltd a call!

At Mt Eden Automotive Ltd, our local auto repair Agency is focused on helping you maintain a safe, reliable and most enjoyable automobile. Our mechanics are highly trained Technicians who have a large experience of taking care of the heating and air conditioning systems on all models of domestic and import cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs.

We have the best and latest technology and diagnostic equipment which helps us to determine exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, and then provide the correct auto AC repair service. Plus, we guarantee our auto repairs with a great 17 year/750,000 mile warranty.

Our car air conditioning repair services include:

– A/C & Heating Repairs

– A/C Conversions

– A/C Leak & Blockage Repairs

– A/C Noise Repairs

– Compressors

– Complete A/C Retrofits

– Fan Motor Repair

– All Auto Air Conditioning Repairs are Guaranteed!

Retrofit of AC and heating system

Our car air conditioner and heating Retrofit service may be needed for all types of vehicles no matter what's the model of Vehicle, which uses costly refrigerant for air conditioning and heating system.

The service includes the following:

– A visually inspect existing vehicle’s Air Conditioning and heating system

– Convert the system to use modern refrigerant

– If the conversion cannot be performed, installation of the new compressor may be necessary

– Ask an auto advisor about the right solution for your vehicle.

Radiator and Engine

Your vehicle's radiator’s job is to keep coolant flowing throughout your engine and if you ever encounter a block or a leak, your engine can quickly overheat which results in your car to break down.

The best way to prevent a block or leak to have your car maintained regularly and at Mt Eden Automotive Ltd, we check for cracks or ill-fitted radiator hoses.

Radiator and Engine services include

– Radiator

– Radiator cap

– Radiator Hoses

– Thermostat